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Expert Handicappers

Our Handicappers are Proven Professional Sports Bettors


Erin RynningErin Rynning 
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• 14 Straight Winning NBA Seasons
• 487-365 57% +105.9 units CFB/NFL since 2012
• Frequent Vegas Stats & Info Network (VSIN) co-Host


Eric Waz
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• NFL 35-24 59% +15.1 units 2018
• 2011 NFL Last Man Standing Station Casinos ($86K)
• Frequent Vegas Stats and Info Network (VSIN) guest


Andrew LangeAndrew Lange 
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• CBB Totals Expert: 10 years, 800+ selections, 57%
• 159-99 62% +66.05 units NFL since 2012
• Host of daily BettorIQ Podcast


Micah Joe
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• Profitable 2018 CBB Season
• High volume CBB, Soccer and NBA
• Model-based professional bettor


Advantage Group
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• CFB 102-54 65% +72.5 units 2015-18
• CBB 119-83 59% since 2015
• NBA 456-366 55% since 2009


Eddie WallsEddie Walls
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• CFB 85-49 63% +37.9 units 2018
• CFB Best Bets 10-3 69% 2018
• High volume veteran professional bettor


Brandon Wittmeyer
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• Data-driven team approach
• Specializes in CFB, CBB, NFL and MMA
• Las Vegas pro bettor for 15+ years

Expert Handicappers

Our Handicappers are Proven Professional Sports Bettors

  • • College Football: 80-39 67% since 2015
    • College Basketball: 119-83 59% since 2015
    • NBA: 456-366 55% since 2009

  • • College Basketball Totals Expert: 10 years, 750+ selections, 58%
    • Host of the BettorIQ Podcast
    • Professional Sports Bettor since 2008

  • • Data-driven team approach
    • Specializes in CFB, CBB, NFL and MMA
    • Las Vegas pro bettor for 15+ years

  • • Obsessed With College Football Year-Round
    • Strong Evaluator of the Betting Markets
    • Specialize in College Football Totals

  • • 2011 NFL Last Man Standing Station Casinos ($86k)
    • 5 Cashes in 7 Years in Westgate NFL Super Contest
    • Full-time Professional Sports Bettor in Las Vegas since 2010

  • • Professional Sports Bettor since 2000
    • ESPN Insider
    • Guest on numerous radio shows across country including VSIN

  • • High volume handicapper
    • Professional Sports Bettor since 2005
    • Lifeblood of success comes from developing models and combining them with traditional handicapping

Sports Betting Insights & Analysis

College Football Betting: Week 1 Rematches Offer Clues
College football’s Week 1 is a far different handicap compared to the remainder of the season. What makes it unique is that lines have been up for much of the summer and most bets are made based on projections rather than results and accumulated data. A key to betting Week 1 is understanding where teams […]
By: Andrew Lange
Betting Strategies for the NFL Preseason
Degenerate. That’s the first word you often hear when telling your friends that you’re placing wagers on preseason NFL games. But don’t worry about getting mocked for betting on “exhibition” games. The money you earn from cashing tickets during the preseason spends exactly the same as money made during the regular season. There are also […]
By: Eric Waz
MLB Bet On and Against: Dog Days Edition
These are the dog days, indeed. On the heels of the All-Star break and the trade deadline, August can be an absolute slog. The wear-and-tear of the MLB marathon can get to any club, whether they’re competing for a playoff berth or looking to the future. As the narratives splinter into a thousand pieces, there’s […]
By: Michael Terry
Previewing the NFC South from a Betting Perspective
Similar to the NFC North, the NFC South features three very competitive teams expected to win around nine games and be in a position to reach the playoffs. Let’s take a look at division and see exactly where they stand from a betting perspective heading into the season. NFC South Division Odds; Regular Season Wins […]
By: Erin Rynning
MLB Handicapping: For a Third Straight Season, Big Chalk Continues to Rule
Last year around this time, I wrote an article discussing a recent phenomenon that was taking place in MLB: Big favorites had become the best bet on the planet. After yesterday’s Houston-Baltimore game in which the Astros closed as -430 road chalk and lost — a day removed from winning 23-2 — it was a […]
By: Andrew Lange
NFL Injury Situations to Keep an Eye on from a Betting Perspective
The helmet rule, concussion protocols, the elimination of crackback blocks and changes in the kickoff rules. These were some of the safety measures the NFL has taken in recent years to reduce the amount of injuries to its athletes. The results are mixed on whether the changes have been effective. The NFL is clearly trying, […]
By: Eric Waz
English Premier League Preview: Early Season Betting Tips
The soccer world’s most popular domestic competition, the English Premier League, kicks off this weekend. No other league garners as much attention stateside, and it is a great starting point for any bettor looking to dive into the Beautiful Game. While the beginning of any season, in any sport, requires a cautious approach, there are […]
By: Michael Terry
Previewing the NFC North from a Betting Perspective
One of the strongest divisions in the NFL top to bottom, the NFC North features three teams currently lined with a regular season win total of 9. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from all four squads from a betting perspective in 2019. NFC North Division Odds: Regular Season Wins Chicago Bears […]
By: Erin Rynning
Las Vegas Sportsbooks Offers Multiple Options for Football Contests
Those interested in participating in any Las Vegas’ football contests have about a month left before the registration deadline. Note that those living outside of Nevada can pay a fee and utilize a proxy service. Below are some of the details of the five main contests for the 2018-19 season. The Westgate SuperContest remains the […]
By: BettorIQ Staff
Previewing the NFC West from a Betting Perspective
The NFC West was incredibly lopsided in 2018, with the LA Rams (13-3) and Seattle (10-6) making postseason appearances, while San Francisco (4-12) and Arizona (3-13) never had a chance. The division figures to be more balanced in 2019, but the pecking order remains the same. Let’s take a look at the NFC West division odds and regular […]
By: Eric Waz