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About Us

BettorIQ’s mission is to raise the intelligence level and bankrolls of sports bettors everywhere. Our approach is grounded in the continuous pursuit of sports betting knowledge and we are dedicated to being the most trusted source in the sports betting industry.

BettorIQ was created by successful professional sports bettors who have a strong desire to give back to the industry that continues to provide them with a good living. Our service caters to bettors of every level, from the newcomer to the sports betting scene all the way up to the serious sports bettor who generates significant income from betting. We aim to partner with those who put winning first.

Our promise is to provide honesty, integrity and value in an industry that greatly lacks all three:

  • Honesty – We provide full transparency of our records in every sport.
  • Integrity – We bet the games we release, so we win together and we lose together.
  • Value – We produce insightful, actionable, provocative content on a daily basis to make you a better bettor.

BettorIQ is based in Las Vegas and was founded in 2018. Please visit our Contact Us page for any questions or press inquiries.