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NHL Arena to Open Sportsbook; League Partners with William Hill

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Welcome to sports betting’s new frontier. Washington Capitals and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis recently stated at the Sports Betting Executive Summit that he plans on adding a sportsbook to Capital One Arena. Sports betting became legalized in Washington, D.C. last December.

“There will be a sportsbook inside the building accessible from the outside and depending on the league and depending on the event, it might be accessible from the inside as well,” Leonsis said.

Speaking of the NHL and sports betting, the league announced a partnership with William Hill. It was an interesting move considering the league already has deals in place with MGM Resorts and FanDuel.

Lastly, at the aforementioned Sports Betting Executive Summit William Hill got into a heated debate with DraktKings. The following is a transcript of the discussion courtesy of Legal Sports Report.

Robins: “I agree with (MGM Resorts CEO) Jim Murren creating a good environment means not trying to restrict competitors. Part of what’s caused a lack of innovation, lack of opportunity, in the gaming industry has been in-fighting.

“You asked me about Nevada, I said it was a tricky state because of guys like Joe [Asher] running around telling people we’re bad and need to be shut out.”

Asher: “I never said that.”

Robins: “Well you testified about it in Nevada.”

Asher: “I said it was gambling, DFS was gambling.”

Robins: “Either way 19 other states are for it. The point is, Joe, that’s not really your motivation. Your motivation is you don’t want us to compete with you. Which is totally understandable. I get it, you’re not able to keep up with us. That’s the problem with the industry, people like you. (Points to Asher)”