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Careers at BettorIQ

We have a deep passion for sports betting and our goal at BettorIQ is to raise the intelligence level and bankrolls of
sports bettors everywhere. That mission is carried out by the most talented group of professional sports bettors in
the industry. We are currently at a huge inflection point right now with the recent nationwide legalization of sports
betting. Big growth is ahead and BettorIQ is prepared to be an integral part of how the industry evolves.

If you are interested in joining a fast-growing company in an industry that is ready to take off, please take a look at
our job postings.


We are looking for talented freelance writers who have strong writing skills and a passion for sports betting. Please send at least two sample pieces to the [email protected] address when applying.

Professional Sports Bettors

We are always looking for talented sports bettors who are proven long-term winners to join the BettorIQ team. Candidates need to articulate why they possess an edge in the sports betting markets and demonstrate the ability to consistently beat closing lines. In addition to providing winning selections to our clients, handicappers will be expected to provide content on a regular basis and contribute to our podcasts and videos to help achieve our goal of educating sports bettors across the world.

The bar at BettorIQ is extremely high, so please do not reach out if you are an aspiring sports bettor or have not shown a track record of success.

Contact Information

Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  866-923-8867