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Our goal at BettorIQ is to raise the intelligence levels and bankrolls of sports bettors everywhere via three key areas of service:

– Winning picks from professional sports bettors who all bet for a living and have tremendous track records
– Unique, actionable insights and analysis by handicappers that eat, sleep and breathe sports betting each and every day
– Access to BettorIQ’s proprietary betting tools that our professional sports bettors utilize to gain an edge over the competition

Our promise is to provide honesty, integrity and value in an industry that greatly lacks all three:

  • Honesty – We provide full transparency of our records in every sport.
  • Integrity – We bet the games we release, so we win together and we lose together.
  • Value – We produce insightful and actionable content on a daily basis to make you a better bettor.

We take winning seriously. You should too. Partner with our professional sports bettors today.