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Cris Sterling
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Cris Sterling’s ultimate goal for each of his clients is to methodically generate units of profit with consistency over a prolonged period of time. With Cris’ in-depth knowledge of multiple sports, this creates a year-round opportunity for profits when line value is identified – no matter the sport.

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Cris Sterling's Bio

Rather than having a favorite sports team, Cris Sterling prefers to watch as many games as possible and root for the side that his hard-earned dollars is on, or an outcome that will set up line movement to take advantage of the following game. In fact, during football season, Cris is often heard saying that he is an ‘NFL Red Zone’ fan, as opposed to a specific team when asked for his favorite franchise.

Cris has worked several years to refine an approach to get any edge possible in the betting markets. However, that’s not to say that Cris’ system is now set in stone. There are constant adjustments made based on round the clock analysis to ensure that all of Cris’ picks are leveraging the latest trends and outcomes in each sport.

While an obsession with all sports has been a part of his life since childhood, Cris has honed his handicapping style and approach since the early 2000’s. Deep analysis of any information Cris can get his hands on (quantitative), combined with an enthusiasm for reading and following beat writers for multiple sports franchises and college teams (qualitative), produces positive results for Cris’ clients.

Having the ability to pinpoint specific reasons why line value exists in the market is a talent that not many possess. Let Cris Sterling do the in-depth analysis to consistently identify these opportunities for you, through the BettorIQ platform!