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Eric Waz
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Waz has been a successful professional sports bettor since moving to Las Vegas in 2010. His comprehensive approach to sports betting includes quantifying the impact of factors that can be difficult to evaluate (scheduling, injuries, coaching, etc.). He’s developed several cutting-edge handicapping tools that are now available at BettorIQ. Waz won the 2011 NFL Last Man Standing title ($86,000) at Station Casinos by beating out over 4,200 entrants. He has also notched 5 cashes in 7 years in the prestigious Westgate NFL Supercontest. Get on board with a true professional sports bettor with a proven track record.

NFL Subscriptions

  • 35-24 59% +15.1 units of profit 2018
  • 2012 NFL Last Man Standing Winner at Station Casinos ($86,000)
  • 5 Cashes in 8 Years in famed NFL SuperContest


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Eric Waz's Bio

Eight years ago, a sports fanatic and bettor from a small town in Indiana decided to quit the corporate world and follow his dreams. He gave up everything he was familiar with and took a chance at making it big amidst the glittering lights of Las Vegas. It’s been a wild journey and professional sports bettor Eric Waz (who goes by “Waz”) has made all of his dreams come true with hard work, dedication and a passion for learning.

During his time in Las Vegas, Waz has formed relationships with many of the top gamblers in the industry and also notched several big accomplishments. In 2011, Waz took home the NFL Last Man Standing title ($86,000) at Station Casinos by beating out over 4,200 entrants for the winner-take-all prize. He followed that up with a 6th place finish ($40,000) in the prestigious NFL Super Contest in 2012, including a cash in the three-week mini-contest. Overall, Waz has notched FIVE cashes in the NFL Super Contest in seven years. That’s consistent winning in the toughest sport around.

As a professional sports bettor, Waz has paid the bills with gambling winnings since moving to Las Vegas in 2010. He’s a true grinder that is constantly looking for any edge he can find. One of the major strengths Waz brings to the table is the math skills he developed in the finance world, allowing him to build sophisticated models to attack each and every sport. He handicaps all of the major sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college football, as well as his personal favorite – college basketball. Waz attributes his success to his unique combination of building models, gathering tons of information on teams via articles and blogs, his powerful handicapping tools, intently watching games and plying his gambling skills in the ever-changing betting marketplace. He works extremely hard to not only find the biggest edges, but to ensure he also gets the best number by reading the market correctly.

Waz was a regular contributor for the EOG Sports Hour on KLAV 1230AM, expressing his thoughts and opinions across the wide sports betting landscape for years. He truly enjoys helping others learn the finer points of sports betting and looks forward to assisting other bettors at BettorIQ. Waz has a unique spin on betting and that shines through in much of his content and data that he provides. For example, he has attributed a lot of his success in college hoops to the individual home court advantages he assigns each team along with his personal coaching ratings (both available to customers with a full season college basketball subscription). Waz prefers handicapping the smaller conferences in college basketball and college football. There are bigger informational and analytical edges in small conferences because they don’t get the same coverage as the big boys.

Waz personally developed all of the handicapping tools available at BettorIQ after utilizing them himself for years. The Injury Matrix provides a way to stay on top of not only a team’s current injury situation, but the overall impact of injuries over the entire season. The Schedule Analyzer uses historical data to quantify the impact of every scheduling situation utilizing rest, miles traveled and team depth. The Line Move Report tracks detailed line movement for every team over the course of the season. The Cover Margin Report is a way to uncover overvalued and undervalued teams before the market does. These tools are a big component to Waz’s sports betting success. Every serious sports bettor should have these them at their disposal.

Waz is looking to build a long-term partnership with bettors who put winning above all else. He also wants his partners to see things through his own eyes by providing insights and analysis that you can’t find anywhere else.