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Micah Joe
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My name is Micah Joe and I am a professional sports bettor in Las Vegas. I left the education system in 2005 and have been successfully making a living through gambling ever since. My major focus is college basketball and I meticulously develop models and systems to combine with my expert handicapping skills. I’ve taken these proven methods that have made me a profitable college basketball bettor and applied them to NBA, WNBA and Soccer. I am excited to be a part of BettorIQ and to help you increase your winning percentage.

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Micah Joe's Bio

Micah Joe is a professional gambler living in Las Vegas. He received his Bachelor of Education from Morehead State University near his hometown. Micah worked in the Kentucky school system for seven long years before retiring from teaching and coaching to move to Vegas, where he successfully pursues his lifelong dream of making a living solely on gambling.

Infatuated with college basketball at a young age, Micah focuses most of his work on adapting and transitioning the models he has developed for profitably betting the sport. Never stagnant, he is constantly innovating the system to evolve with the ever-changing game of college basketball. Combining the models with opinions from tireless research, he takes a unique approach to volume betting. This approach has been described as a ‘machine-gun’ effect. Identifying the inefficiencies in the derivatives of the market has been the key, allowing for a higher volume of plays per day. Betting first halves and second halves, sometimes having nearly 200 individual bets on a college basketball Saturday. He also incorporates this same method into successfully betting NBA and WNBA first halfs.

Starting the research of over 300 college basketball teams in early September allows Micah to stay a step ahead early in the season. He uses his own personal approach to identify the current form of teams during the summer foreign trips. He has an exhaustive knowledge of how teams are performing during their preseason exhibition games and his diligent research is profitable and extremely rewarding. This has provided Micah with opportunities for future bets such as: 50-1 on Connecticut to win the national championship in 2014; 50-1 on Gonzaga in 2017, which was made on Thanksgiving day in 2016 and hedged before the championship game due to his opinion that UNC was the better team; 28-1 on Villanova last year made in October of 2017, which was clearly the best team wire to wire.

Micah is also extremely passionate about soccer, specializing in ‘one-off’ international events. His meticulous research is beneficial on youth events, such as the Under20 women’s World Cup, the UEFA Under19 championships, Olympic Soccer, etc. The uniqueness of soccer betting provides Micah limitless chances to take advantage of the market. Which he is eager to share with fellow enthusiasts at his newest venture with BettorIQ.