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What is InfoStream?

BettorIQ’s InfoStream is a handicapping resource that aggregates key sports and sports betting information from thousands of sources. Subscribers are able to access all of this information from a central repository with several display and filtering options.

The goal of InfoStream is to provide premium handicapping information to subscribers so they can make better betting decisions and gain an edge in the market. BettorIQ aims to eliminate, or significantly reduce, the research time spent by bettors during the handicapping process.

InfoStream combines both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of handicapping. All information is neatly organized with several classifications to make it very easy to interpret and apply. InfoStream contains over 20 unique information categories, betting indicators and a proprietary rating system to help bettors make more informed betting decisions.

Where Does the Information Come From?

BettorIQ’s team of professional sports bettors and research analysts work around the clock to identify valuable handicapping information and document it within InfoStream. We rely on our vast experience in the sports betting industry to uncover actionable information from articles, newspapers, box scores, analytics sites, blogs, Twitter, sports betting sites and more. We do all of the heavy lifting so you can spend your time analyzing key information, not finding it.

InfoStream Ticker

Subscribers can monitor sports betting information on a real-time basis using the InfoStream Ticker. This functionality allows bettors to react quickly to critical information before the betting markets do.

InfoStream Alerts

Alerts can be set up by subscribers who would like to be notified when certain criteria are met for new information. These alerts can be set for an entire league or for specific games. Both audio and popup alert options are available.

InfoStream Categories

There are over 20 unique information categories across the InfoStream platform. Each category relates to a specific area of the handicap. Organizing the information within categories allows subscribers to filter for specific types of information that they are interested in.

InfoStream Indicators

All information within InfoStream is tagged with an “Indicator” which suggests how handicappers should interpret it. Indicators can point to a specific side (Play On or Fade), total (OVER or UNDER) or both.

InfoStream Rating System

InfoStream employs a proprietary rating system that evaluates each information post. All information is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 in an effort to help quantify its impact from a handicapping perspective.

Where can I purchase InfoStream?

InfoStream is sold as a monthly or annual subscription on an individual sport basis. All subscription options can be purchased HERE.