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College Basketball Betting: Two New Rule Changes for 2019-20


The college basketball season is less than two weeks away and bettors should be aware of two new rules changes that will implemented. The first is that the shot clock will reset to 20 seconds rather than 30 after an offensive rebound. This is obviously good for over bettors who hate to see a team with a late lead jack a shot, miss said shot, grab the offensive rebound, and then proceed to sit on the ball for another 28 seconds before attempting it all over again. The second, and most important, is that he three-point line is being moved back yet again. In 2009, it was pushed back from 19-9 to 20-9 and overall shooting percentages dropped 0.8 percent. Starting this year, the three-point line will be 22-1 3/4, which is used in international play. Both rules if you remember were utilized during last season’s NIT. During the regular season, teams shot 35.8% from deep but in the NIT (124 games) it dipped to 33.8%. That’s not the biggest of sample sizes but it’s logical to assume that the further the shot, the lower the success rate. The three-point shot has obviously become a huge part of college basketball (thanks, Golden State Warriors!). Last season, 17 teams scored 40% or more of their points from beyond the arc. In 2014, just one team accomplished the feat! It’s unlikely that coaches are going to change their offensive philosophies based on the rule change but again, shooting percentages will undoubtedly decline.

Andrew Lange

With significant market influence, Andrew Lange has produced a decade-long 58% winning rate on over 750 selections in college basketball. Using a low volume, high return approach, Lange's results in the NFL have been equally impressive with a 61% mark and over +49 units of profit on a 1, 1.5, and 2-unit scale since 2012.