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NCAA Tournament Betting: Auburn’s Bruce Pearl Says Bet the Over vs. North Carolina


When it comes to handicapping North Carolina totals, the first and most important question is what the opposition is thinking in terms of tempo. The Tar Heels as we know like to play ultra fast and score in transition. Not a lot of high level power conference teams have a similar philosophy. In fact, of the remaining 16 teams in the NCAA Tournament, seven rank 232nd or lower in terms of possessions per game. One team, however, that does prefer a swift pace is Auburn who North Carolina plays in Friday’s regional semifinal. And if your’re wondering whether or not the Tigers are going to be a willing partner to UNC’s preferred track meet style, here’s your answer….

“It wasn’t a challenge of trying to say we’re not afraid of North Carolina, “Pearl said. “We’re got a good, healthy fear and respect of North Carolina. It’s just that’s how we play too. For us to not try to play fast would go against how we play best also.”

And if that quote from Bruce Pearl wasn’t enough, here’s a video of him literally saying to “take the over!”

Needless to say, the betting markets have been quick to react to such a candid statement.