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Eddie Walls’ College Football Week 13 Betting Recap


As the season wounds down the amount we have covered over the past three and a half months has been overly revealing. 

We will start at the top in the AAC where Cincinnati and Memphis will likely play in consecutive weeks. If the Tigers beat the Bearcats at home this week then the conference title game will be the exact same matchup and venue. One team is playing very poorly while the other is hitting their stride it would seem. We saw this scenario play out with MTSU and UAB in C-USA last season. They split the series and UAB won the title. The Blazers are the most unimpressive 8-win team that I can remember but on the flip side they were among the least experienced programs in the nation.

Speaking of inexperienced teams, Fresno State went from 12 wins and a MWC title to failing to reach a bowl. Young, injured, and a lack of identity doomed the Bulldogs. Jeff Tedford has a history of big years and then completely losing teams the next. This might be the beginning of the end of his tenure. The 58-year-old was a weird hire three years ago but quickly made me regret all the bad things I said about him with back-to-back double-digit win seasons.

San Jose State couldn’t beat UNLV and as a result is eliminated from bowl season. They were massively improved and senior quarterback Josh Love was a savior for over and side bettors alike. The future is still bright as they will be upgrading and facilities and Brent Brennan has started to recruit well.

Houston has a lot going for it moving forward. We all know that D’Eric King is gone but they will be among one of the most experienced teams thanks to Dana Holgerson playing one of the largest rotations in the nation. Tulsa again dropped what was a fairly close game. Phillip Montgomery will end up as a OC somewhere but he coached above his record many years in what is appearing to be a premier conference. No UConn in 2020 means the AAC is going to be as tough as the lowest tier power 5 conference for some time.

No team plays up or down to the level of its competition more than the Miami Hurricanes who lost to FIU outright at home basically. I don’t know if they made the right hire with Manny Diaz but I will tell you that whatever they do going forward, please pick one quarterback and stick with him. Playing platoon quarterbacks for four straight years obviously hasn’t panned out.

Is there a better coach on earth than Louisville’s Scott Satterfield? It is looking more and more as if the answer is maybe not.

Ohio State did just enough wrong to make me move them down in my power numbers. Their defense is nasty but I do wonder if they can score against the likes of Clemson, Georgia, and other playoff caliber teams. We will find out for sure against Don Brown’s Michigan defense.

Minnesota plays Wisconsin for a berth in the Big Ten Championship. I’m not sure if I’ll be involved but I will be rooting hard for the Gophers who have been a team I’ve done well with this season. And also, who wants to see Ohio State vs. Wisconsin again?

Is there a less impressive top 10 team than Oklahoma? I do think they play in the most competitive conference of the five but they are life and death every single week no matter what the circumstance or opponent. Remember when Jalen Hurts had won the Heisman? Yeah me neither.

North Texas’ collapse is complete with their non-competitive loss to Rice. Former offensive coordinator Graham Harrell might have been the real star of last year’s 9-win team. Mason Fine still had one of the best careers of any recent C-USA quarterback.

Marshall no longer controls its dynasty as the Herd lost on the road to Charlotte who became bowl eligible. The 49ers slowed the game down the last few weeks and have done the unthinkable after starting the season 2-5.

Miami-Ohio will play in a conference championship game with zero quality wins or anything that resembled a convincing win. Just the way that Chuck Martin drew it up I have a feeling.

Toledo’s collapse is beyond alarming. The quarterback injury is one thing but when you are giving up 49 points to ball control offenses and your defense is as experienced as its going to be it raises some red flags. It could be awhile before Jason Candle gets that power 5 job offer.

Think someone told Boise State they were being slighted? How about 98-30 the last two weeks and scoring touchdowns late. They are out for blood it appears.

Congratulations to Hawaii who has won two very non-Hawaii like games in back-to-back weeks and will face Boise in the MWC title game. A ton of bad coaches are getting mentioned as head coach candidates yet I haven’t heard  Nick Rolovich’s name which is crazy.

Remember when Stanford’s David Shaw was the next big college to NFL hire? Me neither. That prevent defense up three with two minutes left vs. California with everything on the line was so pathetic. I don’t know what the Cardinal future looks like at this point.

Oregon State deserves to play in a bowl. They won’t but deserve praise for providing so much excitement this year. And while the Pac-12 has become defense driven I think Jonathan Smith is a terrific coach and I think the Beavers are one of the most improved teams in one season I can recall. Them and Louisville.

Missouri’s Barry Odom will start next season on the hot seat but he was up against it this season in a way that so few will ever see. Not only does taking on transfer quarterbacks who couldn’t cut it at their former school not always pan out (Miami and Washington other prime examples) but you don’t have anyone developed for future years.

UL-Monroe has a chance to go bowling and also knock off their biggest rival, UL-Lafayette, on Saturday. No quarterback in the nation deserves this opportunity more than Caleb Evans who has suffered more terrible seasons of rebuilding, close losses to power 5s, and new coaches. He at times has been the ultimate one-man show. Pretty certain I won’t be involved in betting against ULL but I’ll be rooting for Evans for sure.

Eddie Walls

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