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Eddie Walls’ College Football Week 4 Betting Recap


Weird week for yours personally. The highs and lows of many games had me rethinking that no intoxicating substance rule but I rebounded decently. We now move on.

I think Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh just lost his job. You can’t have that level of talent and repeatedly get your teeth kicked in on the road. 
Northwestern starts every season slow due to practice limitations but this offense and game plan has the feel of a team without the playmakers on offense — something that historically kept them in games. 
Is Pitt head coach Pat Narduzzi really so bad at offense playcalling and game management that all it took was a Mark Whipple hire? That defense is legit per usual but I can’t seem to wrap my head around how Narduzzi mismanages every end game. 
Houston head coach Dana Holgorsen is not right. It’s as if he thinks he has a defense and is playing games to win by small margins. This is a shootout team if there ever was one but he wants to run clock and play for OT. He didn’t go for the kill Thursday night against Tulane and let his inexperienced defense with half the skill of his offense die a painful death. 
Welcome to the 2019 season, UCLA. The most shocking result of Saturday saw an offense explode from the dead. If that was a preview of what’s to come I take back everything I said about Kelly and his offense being so 2013. 
Speaking of 2013 and the PAC-12. What is Stanford head coach David Shaw doing? I know it’s a really young offense but how can you not change the scheme when you have five new offensive linemen? Run right, run left, and on 3rd and 4 run right up the middle. He has two 4-star quarterbacks. Maybe try using them more?
How was Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt the better hire over Mike Leach or anyone for that matter? If your offense is vanilla and you have the ability to get a top 20 class every season maybe try something else. This guy is making Shaw look like Lincoln Riley. 
Who pissed off Iowa State and Ohio State? Way to show restraint, fellas. 
Staying on oddball head coaches. It took LSU head coach Ed Orgeron hiring an assistant to uncover a bunch of NFL wide receivers and an elite quarterback. My lord that’s a dynamic offense. Something tells me Orgeron will mess it up versus the big boys. 
Liberty and Buffalo…good luck handicapping those two squads. Liberty couldn’t move the ball on Syracuse who everyone seems to be able to get 30+ points against. Buffalo meanwhile gets crushed by said Liberty and then destroys Temple at home using a completely different system than we have seen all season. 
UMass, please follow UConn to the FBS and stop scheduling Akron…it’s an impossible handicap. 
Ohio has a great quarterback — easily the best in the MAC — but I’m overly concerned that’s all they have currently. 
SMU is hands down the most improved team in FBS. If they can hang 45 on TCU they can win the AAC. They remain super fun on offense and despite run defense issues they are massively experienced in the secondary. 
Kentucky has a bad quarterback situation and an ultra-young secondary. That’s bad news moving forward. Good program that is on the rise but clearly rebuilding after a huge season in 2018. 
North Carolina freshman quarterback Sam Howell impresses me but 67-year-old Mack Brown was outcoached by a first-time head coach. If he continues to lose every first half and misuse timeouts in second half, the feel good vibe of 2019 will fade and so will I. 
Chad Morris had a interesting run at Arkansas…condolences. The Air Raid in the SEC can work (see: LSU) but you can’t pull it off with the least talented quarterback rotation in conference along with very little defense. Congrats to San Jose! Use the 1.5 million to upgrade facilities and recruit like it’s 2012 again. 
The entire Nebraska team and staff peed dirty for angel dust is the only conclusion I can come up with at this point. A shootout with Illinois? Even UConn is amused. 
Arizona State showed what I feared most about this defense-first, run-driven offense; if they trail they will attempt to gamble on both sides of the ball. They need that slow pace to help the green quarterback. Good dog, bad team to lay points. 
Best of luck and as always may no onside kicks determine your entire life. It’s too short.
– Eddie
Eddie Walls

Specializes in small conference games and finds value in both sides and totals. Professional gambler who always gets the best of the numbers. Can give you a full strength and weakness report on all 130 college football teams, coaches, coordinators and players over a large sample size.