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Eddie Walls’ College Football Week 8 Betting Recap


Shocking results are taking place in college football at a pace that even the polls committee is going to have to admit that Appalachian State is really good…just kidding. 

Boise State was knocked off by BYU’s third-string quarterback. Wisconsin was knocked off by Illinois’ back-up quarterback…as +33 point underdogs. Tua was throwing picks and hurt his ankle. And Miami losing outright to a winless Georgia Tech has college football variance at an all-time high. 
Let’s discuss the biggest shock of every conference since we all appear to be fascinated that the two-month roller coaster that for some teams have fallen off the tracks. 
In the AAC, two big storylines have dominated the conference. SMU is 7-0 and has New Year’s 6 aspirations after barely making a bowl the last two seasons. Quarterback Shane Buechele is among the nation’s leaders in every passing category. On the flip side USF’s Charlie Strong and Houston’s Dana Holgerson, who had teams with seemingly massive talent and experience, have faltered terribly. And Navy, who missed a bowl last year, has been resurrected and is off to its best start in three years. 
Is anyone in the ACC besides Clemson any good? We know Virginia, Miami, NC State, and Pitt all have a defense and Boston College, Wake Forest, and Virginia Tech all have a offense but there is literally no one here who plays both sides of the ball well. By the way, who would have thought after seven weeks the only game Boston College didn’t cover was vs. Kansas? 
In the Big Ten, the biggest shock to me is that Jim Harbaugh has never been able to utilize Shea Patterson the way that High Freeze was able to do as a freshman at Mississippi. How is Harbaugh still revered as an incredible quarterback whisperer of a head coach? His offenses have looked massively mediocre and his defense struggles to stop the run in a run-driven conference. 
Can Baylor or Iowa State give Oklahoma a game in the Big XII? Texas looks as average as any Tom Herman team that I can recall. TCU might be looking for a new head coach. Gary Patterson has always been conservative but had the best defenses to defend his play calling. That’s not the case any longer and it’s getting hard to imagine what will happen if they don’t make a bowl. 
In C-USA, did Marshall just beat Florida Atlantic again? FAU has the better players and more money but a lame head coach who coaches one side of the ball and holds press conferences with two reporters in a room for hours.  The biggest shock though is UAB. How can we have not seen this coming? No returning production, early shaky wins against an FCS team and Akron. Now just ho-hum dominating the weakest schedule in the nation. Louisiana Tech winning shootouts against superior opponents is also terrific to see again even if it cost me on Saturday. I hate seeing coaches forget what made them great like Skip Holtz had for a while. 
In the MAC, Ball State is out of control good and improved. Ohio is offense only all of a sudden. I’ve seen teams quit mid-game, (Louisville last season), and I’ve seen a coach quit on a team (Texas State’s Whither last year vs. Appalachian State), but I’ve never seen anything like what happened to Toledo the last two weeks. They not only lost by were dominated by BOWLING GREEN and simply quit again after Ball State scored its first touchdown. They put zero effort forth on either side of the ball. This is a experienced team who has a head coach with big job dreams and was playing for everything after beating Western Michigan just two weeks ago. Baffling. 
Maybe we have overlooked that ultra-boring Wyoming team. They play as if the forward pass is something to consider next year but are quietly having a huge renaissance of wins despite a very inexperienced defense. Hats off to the Cowboys. By the way, the Mountain West has more SEC wins than four SEC teams.
The PAC-12 has a clear leader in Oregon but while everyone likes to trash the league many are forgetting Utah is exceptionally good. Oregon State has a up-and-coming head coach and Washington was ranked with 10 new starters on defense. There’s nothing overly shocking about the PAC-12 other than Kevin Sumlin ruining Khalil Tate and Herm Edwards winning games with an ultra-conservative approach on offense in what used to be a high-flying conference where points were needed to succeed. The PAC-12 is still better than the ACC in my opinion.
I just moved LSU’s number up for the fourth time in eight weeks! It’s only shocking because they are doing so with a offense that would make Mike Gundy blush.
To me, the biggest shocker in the SEC is Florida. I didn’t like anything about them preseason and then they lost their starting quarterback. But when your only loss is to LSU on the road, Mullen deserves a tip of the cap.
In the Sun Belt, Georgia State is winning every close game whether it needs to score 60 or 24. Georgia Southern not having any kind of offense is really odd as it’s the same system with mostly the same producers. UL-Lafayette is suddenly playing defense and APSU’s Drinkowitz has not missed a step after taking over for Satterfield. Arkansas State, I feel for you guys.
Until next time and don’t let mononucleosis and a quadruple overtime that killed an under you had eight points better than the closing number ruin your week.
Until next time, Eddie.
Eddie Walls

Specializes in small conference games and finds value in both sides and totals. Professional gambler who always gets the best of the numbers. Can give you a full strength and weakness report on all 130 college football teams, coaches, coordinators and players over a large sample size.