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Eddie Walls’ College Football Week 8 Betting Recap


We began the week learning that Herm Edwards has taken a top 20 offense from 2017 and is now among the slowest paced teams in the nation. Averaging only 10 possessions per game, he attempted to out Shaw of Stanford. He fooled me early in the season with what seemed to be an impressive win versus Michigan State, but that win seems less impressive by the week.

We learned that Gus Malzahn and Bobby Petrino have humongous buyouts and both programs are considering their options as apparently money isn’t of any concern. Malzahn $30+ million if he’s fired is not a problem. God forbid we pay the kids. It’s just an amateur game after all.

I learned LSU and Washington St. are really great. Not just good but exceeding any number I could have put on them just weeks ago.

LSU has the perfect defense for what SEC schools want to do. While not having a great offense, they will continue to be a tough out. Imagine what they would be if they had their normal running attack.

Mike Leach has a system. His system is simple but in the suddenly vanilla offense of the PAC-12, it seems to be more effective than ever. He simply outcoached Mario Cristobal. They eliminated the Oregon run offense with defensive coordinator Tracy Claeys (from Minnesota) who is a run defense guru. Kudos to Pullman for the massive crowd for ESPN’s College Gameday. Well deserved.

Larry Fedora of UNC is about to be unemployed despite great recruiting classes and a great 2015-16 run. They lost to ECU, had a scandal (terrible injustice but a scandal nonetheless), and will miss a bowl for the second year in a row. Shootout coaches who can’t win close games once they get the shootout can’t stay around forever.

UTEP and San Jose State are defeated but my lord do they try! Both are going to win a game soon and it might be a giant of their conference if someone sleeps on them like Louisiana Tech and San Diego State attempted to.

Boise St. can really blow out a bad team. We basically knew that but if you look inside the box score you’ll notice Colorado state had their best offensive game of the season. Boise didn’t use a large rotation on defense. That makes me nervous. Have I mentioned I have Boise to win the MWC at -180 from August. That closing line value from September never looked so awful.

I can’t speak much on Purdue that ESPN didn’t cover endlessly, but I will tell you this. I don’t think there is more than a few better head coaches in the nation than Jeff Brohm. In six weeks, he went from being unable to escape Eastern Michigan to transforming his entire offense and doing exactly what he did at Western Kentucky. He had two returning starters on defense if you happened to forget.

I think it is time we consider Fresno St. as a huge New Year’s 6 contender. They allowed their first touchdown since conference play began on Saturday and the continuity on offense from last year makes me believe they could win a shootout if they were to get into one.

Oh my is the ACC messy. It’s one thing to have a nice amount of parody but this is getting weird. Virginia could face Clemson in the ACC championship game! Virginia’s own head coach stated they weren’t a ACC caliber team this summer. He apparently didn’t know UNC, Louisville, Wake Forest and countless others were apparently diving directly into the shallow end of the pool.

North Carolina State head coach Dave Doeren decided to throw in the towel versus Clemson pregame it seems. Doeren, a defensive minded head coach and former Wisconsin DC, just decided to run the ball directly into the teeth of the best defensive line in the nation knowing he had no chance. He understands

balance but in no universe does running the ball versus that type of line give you the best chance to win the game. They won nine games last year created by a similar front seven. Oh, by the way Clemson is really, really dominant. What’s your line on Clemson versus Alabama? Mine gets less wide by the week.

South Florida was tied with UConn at half after surviving Tulsa the week before. They are ranked as the 21st best team in the nation according to the AP. One spot ahead of Wisconsin. It’s getting weird quick folks!

UCF never mentioned McKenzie Milton was hurt and might not play. Calm down everyone. ECU will turn the ball over six times and give up 400 yards rushing and you’ll still cover the 22. I feel bad for those that laid the number not knowing Milton, who has to be worst five points minimum, wasn’t going to play. I feel worse for the ECU backer. Bravery doesn’t always get rewarded it seems.

We learned North Texas has no run offense and can fumble not once, but twice inside the 5-yard line when they do attempt to run. We learned UAB only fumbled once in the red zone and both teams played pretty poorly. I am not sure if Conference USA is worse than ever or massively improving every week.

Lane Kiffin where do we start? All you need is a quarterback that throws a couple slants and screens remember? You got the 4-star transfer from Oklahoma! You forgot an offensive line and you forgot to practice tackling all spring and fall camp. Your 4-star threw four picks in one half. Oh, Lane offense comes so easy to you that its boring. Marshall seemed bored in the third quarter.

UMass allowed a very slow-moving Coastal Carolina to run for 260 yards. Despite passing for 400 plus yards we learned that UMass can find ways to lose games in 2018 they were supposed to dominate. Coastal used three different ineffective quarterbacks and still dominated the game. I’ll never understood why UMass they left the MAC. They fit so perfectly.

On Thursday, we saw Arkansas State revert back to what has worked so well for them the last three seasons and go spread tempo…and voila 530 yards and 51 points…glad to have you back Blake Anderson.

Georgia State, built on a tough interior defense, has been a disaster but is starting to find something in a young QB Dan Ellington. They are recruiting very well and I’m not looking to fade what looks to be a dead team currently.

Over the last month, Eddie Walls has delivered a remarkable 28-10 74% mark in college football. Lock in all of Week 9’s selections for only $99.

Eddie Walls

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