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Eddie Walls’ College Football Week 9 Betting Recap


We learned a ton per usual in Week 9. What is very clear to me is the bottom power 5 conferences, the ACC and PAC-12, are becoming harder and harder to navigate each week. Typically every conference will see a team that doesn’t have a bowl bid kind of pack it in and start to play some youth at this point in the season. I don’t see an situations like that currently.

The AAC is just ridiculous. I’m not kidding when I say that I believe they have more talent than both the ACC and PAC-12. I felt so bad for Tulsa’s kicker on Saturday. The Golden Hurricane are among the most experienced teams in the nation and will miss a bowl despite having laid zero eggs.
The MWC is super tough as a handicapper when you see Fresno State involved in shootouts and losing to Colorado State home after two years of looking like a terrific San Diego State imitator. Utah State’s Gary Andersen clearly despises his NFL quarterback Jordan Love. When your offenses manages seven points versus Air Force in a season where the talent of the Falcons defense is suspect, the head coach deserves to be called out. 
The MAC quietly has a potential giant looming. Miami’s Chuck Martin has always been known as one of the best underdog coaches but has a propensity to fall just short in close games. He was at one point 4-18 in one possession games but, this year, by slowing down his offense and relying on an experienced defense, he has started to win games he would have lost the last few years (i.e. back-to-back one score wins). 
The Sun Belt game of the year takes place on Thursday when Georgia Southern heads to Appalachian State. This is the best game in the conference each year and they play this game knowing so. App State is once again looking very dominant and if Georgia Southern wants 2019 to be memorable this has to be a game they show up for. 
The SEC is actually interesting to me for the first time…well, ever.  Kentucky is winning games using an offense from the 1930’s. LSU is playing with pace. Tennessee is impossible to watch and I loathe their coach. I’m actually starting to like this! I think Texas A&M is the most slept on team in the nation. They have lost to Auburn, Alabama and Clemson…who wouldn’t? I dig Jimbo playing with tempo and letting Kellen Mond air it out lately. 
Some people just bet every college game on national TV and much of the NFL card and then go to work Monday-Friday. Some people refer to them as “squares” or the “public.” They mostly bet favorites apparently. Well kudos to those freaking guys because Ohio State, Alabama, Clemson and favorites of that ilk are killing it! I’m thinking of joining them in the workforce. Retired telemarketer should make the resume look great.
I don’t think anyone could have guessed how mediocre Texas, Nebraska, Florida State, Washington, Virginia Tech would look by Week 9. And it’s never been clearer that Mark Dantonio has zero clue how a modern offense works. Let’s also not sugar coat the fact that Pat Fitzgerald is only as good as his quarterback and without one Northwestern’s future looks really gloomy.
Can we stop giving Tom Herman credit as a incredible coach? Every single coach in the nation deals with injuries and youth. Herman is a 1-point win over Kansas at home from being a .500 coach despite incredible talent. Young or not, that’s exactly what got Charlie Strong fired. 
Kansas State pulled off an incredible upset of Oklahoma. Upsets happen but Lincoln Riley going absurd about the replay is a little childish. Don’t give up 48 points and 425 yards to Kansas State who has an offensive playbook that is thinner than my hair. 
I try not to complain about much when it comes to college football but when Troy and Georgia Southern are playing a helluva game maybe we don’t spend half the telecast discussing how Oklahoma can still make the playoffs?! No one watching the fourth quarter of a Troy game is worried about the Sooners’ chances in January. 
Anyone getting a little burnt out? Here are the players that will make you fall in love with the game again.
Anthony Gordon – Washington State
Benny Lemay – Charlotte
Georgia State – Dan Ellington
Memphis – Kenneth Gainwell
Navy – Malcom Perry
Wyoming – Xazavian Valladay
San Jose State – Josh Love
Arkansas State – Omar Bayless
UL-Lafayette – All three running backs
UCF – The entire offense
UMass- The entire defense in case you need a laugh
It’s sometimes easy to forget that because we have financial gains invested and keep in mind that these are incredible athletes that bring us great joy regardless (well kind of) of outcome.
In a week of great results that have left me a tad humbled, I’ll leave my two bad beats out of the ending here that I usually include and just remind everyone to smile more.
Eddie Walls

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