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NBA Betting Markets Shift Following Free Agent Signings


The NBA’s free agent bonanza is nearing its end with Kawhi Leonard’s landing spot all that’s left to be determined in terms of what will move the needle of the futures market. On Friday’s BettorIQ Podcast we discussed the betting market’s reaction to some of the rumors and actual signings. Below we have a before and after glimpse of the Las Vegas SuperBook’s NBA Futures board.

NBA Championship as of Friday, June 28
Lakers +300
Bucks +550
Clippers +700
Raptors +800
Rockets +800
76ers +1000
Warriors +1200
Nuggets +1600
Celtics +2000
Jazz +2000
Nets +2500
Thunder +2500
Trail Blazers +3000

NBA Championship as of Monday, July 1
Lakers +175
Bucks +650
Clippers +1000
Raptors +1000
76ers +1000
Warriors +1000
Rockets +1200
Jazz +1600
Nuggets +1800
Celtics +2500
Nets +2500
Thunder +3000
Trail Blazers +3000

The first noticeable move was the Lakers dropping from +300 to a This Kawhi Thing Is Probably Going To Happen +175. This sent a ripple down the board as the Bucks, Clippers, Raptors and Rockets all saw their odds drop. The Warriors however must have taken a bet or two as they went from 12-1 to 10-1. The Jazz also moved up the board from 20-1 to 16-1. Brooklyn obviously made a lot of “noise” with the signing of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant but with KD unlikely to play much of any of the 2019-2020 season, oddsmakers didn’t budge.

As for that seemingly crazy Lakers line of +175, around this time last year, the Warriors were +125.