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NFL Injury Situations to Keep an Eye on from a Betting Perspective


The helmet rule, concussion protocols, the elimination of crackback blocks and changes in the kickoff rules. These were some of the safety measures the NFL has taken in recent years to reduce the amount of injuries to its athletes. The results are mixed on whether the changes have been effective. The NFL is clearly trying, but there’s only so much you can do in a sport that features physical specimens running at top speed into one another. Players workout year-round and are as strong and as fast as ever. Injuries aren’t going away.

Injuries can be a severely underrated factor when it comes to handicapping the NFL. Having a firm grip on the health of every team will uncover edges that the betting markets are often slow to react to or neglect entirely. Every season, I like to make a list of the key players that I’m keeping an eye on due to a recent injury (also includes players who are holding out as they often aren’t ready when they come back). Most of these injuries occurred last season, and the player in question either never returned or clearly wasn’t 100% upon his return.

My list heavily weights the importance of the player to his team. It includes guys that have the potential to make a difference in the betting line. While there are definitely players that are dealing with more concerning injuries, if they’re not a key component to their team, they don’t make the list. There are also very important players who suffered recent injuries that aren’t on my list because there’s very little question that they are 100% heading into the 2019 season (and the risk is small of a recurring injury).

Without further ado, here’s my list of players I’m currently monitoring closely for 2019:

I will keep a close eye on these players during preseason games and into the regular season. Identifying performance drop-offs due to injury, before the rest of the market does, is an important aspect of my handicapping process.

Note that my list will change throughout the season. Players will be removed once I’m comfortable that they’re 100%, and I will certainly add players that are injured during the 2019 regular season all the way up to the Super Bowl.

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Eric Waz

Waz has been a successful professional sports bettor since moving to Las Vegas in 2010. His comprehensive approach to sports betting includes quantifying the impact of factors that can be difficult to evaluate (scheduling, injuries, coaching, etc.). He’s developed several cutting-edge handicapping tools that are now available at BettorIQ. Waz won the 2011 NFL Last Man Standing title ($86,000) at Station Casinos by beating out over 4,200 entrants. He has also notched 5 cashes in 7 years in the prestigious Westgate NFL Supercontest. Get on board with a true professional sports bettor with a proven track record.