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National Hockey League Partners With Casino Giant MGM

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Following the NBA’s lead, the NHL recently announced a partnership with MGM Resorts International. The deal included sponsorship and data sharing for in-game wagering but does not involve gambling revenue. There was also no word of the NHL seeking any sort of “integrity fee”; a concept other leagues have felt they deserve despite being financially unrealistic. Individual teams will still be able to do promotional work with other casinos and sportsbooks. William Hill is currently partnered up with the Las Vegas Golden Knights and New Jersey Devils.

“We have no concerns about the integrity of our game, of our players, our officials,” said executive vice-president Keith Wachtel, via the Associated Press. “We’ve never had an issue.

“We monitor all of the games,” said commissioner Gary Bettman. “We watch what goes on, whether or not betting lines shift and the like … It hasn’t been an issue and we don’t anticipate it being an issue.”

“The more data and analytics that a gaming operator can have, the better it will be in enabling them to set odds,” Wachtel told The Associated Press. “Whether or not they’re using the data for actual purposes of creating prop bets and things like that certainly is something (that’s possible). But more importantly, they’re going to use it to be able to set odds and proper odds that they’re going to be able to create.”

Andrew Lange

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