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Sports Betting Tools

Get access to the same Tools that our team of professional sports bettors utilize on a daily basis

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Line Movement Report

The best way to gauge how the betting markets perceive each and every team

• Track line movement for both sides and totals to uncover where the sharp money is coming in

• See how much lines are moving for every team in every single game over the entire season

• Sort average line move over the last 3 games, last 5 games, last 10 games, last 20 games and full season

• Line moves have more predictive power than betting percentages historically

• Excellent tool for timing your bets by studying what the market thinks of each team

• Great way to keep on tabs on the market’s perception of starting pitchers in baseball

• Available for NFL, CFB, NBA, CBB, MLB and NHL

Schedule Analyzer

The only tool on the market that quantifies the impact the schedule has on teams

• Scheduling situations are one of the biggest sources of edges for serious sports bettor

• Utilizes historical data to analyze each and every scheduling situation for all daily sports

• Our complex model takes into account days of rest, miles traveled, game intensity, team depth and more

• You’ll never look at a sports schedule the same way after using the Schedule Analyzer

• Available for NBA, CBB, MLB and NHL

Injury Matrix Report

Easily track a team’s injuries over the course of the entire season

• Helps you accurately quantify the impact injuries have on a team to substantialy improve your handicapping approach

• Adds context around a team’s season by reviewing their injuries at various points throughout the campaign

• Normal injury reports just don’t give you enough information and everyone uses the same ones

• Track playing time to see how lineup changes are impacting team performance over time

• Available for NFL, NBA, CBB, MLB and NHL

Cover Margin Report

The ultimate gauge for how teams perform against the expectations of the betting markets

• Easily find overvalued and undervalued teams before other bettors do

• See which teams have been producing for bettors and which ones have not

• Excellent tool to uncover value in betting totals for every sport

• A perfect compliment to the Line Move Report in breaking down market moves versus actual performance

• Available for NFL, CFB, NBA and CBB